Passionate for plants..especially edible ones. Vegetable and herbs of all kinds find there way into my kitchen. The produce section, farmers market, is a world of color, shape, aroma and texture. Explore along with me as I experiment, ponder, taste and savor the foods of a vegetable lifestyle. I love having a herb and vegetable garden... and encourage anyone with a bit of land or a pot to try. Of course, these days you can't think of food or farming without considering being green or eco.

Vegan Pasta Dinner under 300 Calories...oh yeah!


tofu noodles 4oz. -can be found in the produce section
half of a zucchini 
fresh basil 
1 tsp of pine nuts
2 oz. lite firm tofu 
tomato sauce **
olive oil
dried oregano and basil
pine nuts

...just under 300 calories!!

Use a Manoline to cut the zucchini in fettucine like shapes.
One of my most favorite things in the world.

Boil noodles for three minutes and drain.

Saute zucchini in 1 tbs. of olive oil with minced garlic.**

Add chopped basil saute a minute.
Add cooked noodles to zucchini and saute a bit more.
Add pine nuts (about 1 tsp.)
Season with a bit of salt and pepper.

** You can also use the zucchini raw

Tofu "ricotta"

Mash lite firm tofu  
add dried oregano and basil.
A bit of nutritional yeast
Cook to just heat it up abit

Plate zucchini and pasta combo
add the "ricotta".
and place 1/4 cup of any favorite tomato sauce on the side.**
(I used Muir Glen Organic Roasted tomato sauce and added a mashed up veggie ball)

or make some fresh raw tomato sauce.

Plum tomato
a little onion
fresh basil
dash of olive oil
salt and pepper
Blend in a a high speed blender

Regular dinner size plate shown.

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